First BIMSTEC Energy Ministers’ Conference
4th October 2005, New Delhi
Plan of Action for Energy Cooperation in
BIMSTEC Trans Power Exchange and Development Project

Task Force being led by Thailand, with representatives of member countries, will give a report within one year on draft MOD for grid interconnections. The Task Force would consider issues which inter alia include flow of electricity on a non-discriminatory basis taking cognizance of capacity availability in respective national grids, also to consider steps to harmonise technical, planning and operational standards of the national grids for removing barriers to grid interconnections.

A Workshop on Harmonization of Grid Standards would be hosted by India some times in December 05.

Trans BIMSTEC Gas Pipeline(s)

A Task Force is to be constituted with representatives of all member countries for deciding Terms of Reference for the study on Trans BIMSTEC Gas Pipeline(s) and suggesting further course of action after taking into account the work done so far. Thailand would host the first Meeting of this Task Force early next year.

Thailand also offered to host a Workshop on Petroleum Reserves in BIMSTEC Regi on. It was agreed that this Workshop would be organized to coincide with the first meeting of the Task Force.

India will host a Conference to consider Energy Charter Treaty and other such arrangements which have emerged for regional energy trade, in February-March 2006.

Hydro potential of the BIMSTEC region

India would host a workshop on sharing of experiences in developing hydro projects.

Non -Conventional Sources of energy

Myanmar will coordinate setting up a web site with the help of all member countries. India would prepare a concept paper on broad structure, content and operational mechanism of the agreed website. In this regard, a meeting will be held in Bangkok in the later half of November 2005 for discussing the concept paper and steps required to take the activity further.

Nepal will host a workshop on Small Hydro Projects. Nepal to confirm the venue and date latest by January 2006.

Thailand will host a Workshop and site visits for member countries, in the area of rice husk cogeneration in second half of year 2006.

India will prepare a status paper on renewable sources of energy in member countries to be presented in next SEnOM.

Solar Energy Centre in India will coordinate cooperation activity in association with Bangladesh and Sri Lanka in solar energy systems/devices, standards and testing.

The BIMSTEC Task Force on Renewable Energy would carry out harmonization of standards for various non-conventional energy sources.

Energy Efficiency

Sri Lanka would host a two day workshop on experience sharing in certification of energy managers and energy auditors in the second quarter of the year 2006.

An expert group will be constituted with participation of all the member countries on standards and labeling to be led by India. This would include testing systems, procedures and hardwares. The Expert Group will meet in second quarter of the year 2006. All member countries to forward names of their nominees to India. India would confirm the dates and venue for the meeting latest by January 2006.

Energy Security

A two day conference on sharing of experience regarding efficient development of coal resources will be hosted by Bangladesh in September 2006. Venue and dates to be confirmed by Bangladesh by April 2006.

A workshop for discussing concept note on BIMSTEC Energy Centre would be hosted by India on January 25-27, 2006.

A workshop on sharing of experiences on Rural Electricity Cooperatives (to be confirmed by Bangladesh).

Bhutan will organize a workshop on sharing of experiences in rural electrification with emphasis on remote area electrification some time in May/June 2006. Bhutan to confirm the venue and date by January 2006.

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