Governing Board of BIMSTEC Energy Centre

(a) Supervisory Control:
The overall control of activities of BIMSTEC Energy Centre (BEC) shall be vested in the Governing Board.

(b) Membership:
The Governing Board shall consist of one nominee from each BIMSTEC Member Country. Each participating country shall also designate an alternate Member to serve on the Governing Body in the event that its designated Member is unable to do so. The Chairman of the Board would be appointed for a two-year term out of its members according to alphabetical rotation of the names of member countries starting with Bangladesh. Director General of the BEC would be permanent invitee in the Governing Board meetings. The Governing Board shall meet once a year. If required, special meetings could be convened.

(c) Responsibilities - The Governing Board shall:

Formulate policies and oversee the functions of the Centre.
Adopt an annual schedule of activities, programmes and budget.
Make such rules, procedures and regulations as may be required for the functioning of the Centre., including financial rules, and meetings of the Governing Board.
Consider any matter submitted to it by the BIMSTEC Member Countries from time to time.
The Governing Board shall provide the Governments of BIMSTEC countries with an annual report containing technically substantive information on the progress of the various programmes undertaken by BEC and its results.


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