Objectives of BIMSTEC Energy Centre

The BIMSTEC Energy Centre (BEC) would coordinate, facilitate and strengthen cooperation in energy sector in BIMSTEC region by promoting experience sharing and capacity building. The Centre would have following objectives

To create ,manage and evaluate energy related data-base relevant to the region; and taking into view various on-going activities and suggest a road map for meaningful intra- BIMSTEC cooperation.
To prepare and operationalise a framework for networking among the national level institutions in the region.
To prepare the groundwork, such as feasibility studies, data collection etc. for intra- BIMSTEC energy related projects.
To study , compile and disseminate the prevailing policies of the BIMSTEC member countries in different areas of energy sector.
To enhance cooperation for capacity building and sharing of experiences on best practices, including reforms, regulation and energy efficiency.
To function as the secretariat for energy cooperation activities.
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