Record of the BIMSTEC Workshop on Harmonisation of Grid Standards

Opening of the Workshop
The Workshop on the Harmonization of Grid Standards was held in New Delhi on 6th February, 2006. The Workshop was attended by delegates from member countries of BIMSTEC.
Inauguration of the Workshop
The Workshop was inaugurated by Shri R.V. Shahi, Secretary (Power), Government of India.
Vote of Thanks for the Inaugural Address
Shri U.N. Panjiar, Additional Secretary (Power), Ministry of Power, Government of India proposed Vote of Thanks for the inaugural session.
Election of Chairperson
The Workshop elected Sh. G.B. Pradhan, Joint Secretary (Trans.), Ministry of Power, Government of India, the leader of the Indian delegation, as Chairperson of the Workshop.
Business arrangements
The meeting took note of schedules and the business arrangements for the BIMSTEC workshop on Harmonization of Grid Standards.
Presentation by the member countries.
The delegates of the member countries made presentations in the following order.
Sri Lanka
It was observed that a number of Member Countries are in the process of finalising their Grid Codes. Therefore, they may like to keep in view various grid parameters prevalent in other Member Countries with the objective of harmonisation. This would facilitate emergence of grid interconnection.
The Chairperson of the Workshop invited Shri R.N.Nayak, ED (Engg.), POWERGRID to outline the options of technology i.e AC or HVDC etc. for the interconnection of the grids. Shri Nayak explained that the choice of technology is dependent on the context and purpose of the interconnection. He brought out the pros and cons of both the AC & HVDC technologies. He explained that while AC technology holds the advantages of low cost, long experience of development & operation and availability of equipment etc. within the region, it lacks the controllability feature. He highlighted that HVDC technology is well suited for transfer of bulk power over long distance. It was explained that HVDC technology is not only robust and is insensitive to grid parameter variations but it also permits full controllability on the quantum of power transfer. However, this technology may be more expensive in certain situation. The identification of grid interconnection and its capacity should be done from a long term perspective as getting the right of way is becoming difficult day by day. Therefore, a lot of consideration has to go into choice of suitable technology. Chairman of the Workshop, observed that the objective of Sh. Nayak’s presentation was to flag the issue on the choice of technology for interconnection of the grids so that these aspects shall be taken care of while developing the modalities of interconnection.
Presentation on draft MOU by the delegations from Thailand.
Mr Varavoot Siripol, Asst General Manager, EGAT, Thailand, presented the status about the nominees received for the Task Force led by Thailand for the purpose. It was decided that all the countries shall convey to Thailand the nominations by 15th Feb, 2006. Mr Varavoot briefly outlined the contents of the MOU on ASEAN Power Grid and MOU on the guidelines for implementation of Regional Power Trade Operating Agreement in GMS. A copy of the above MOUs is at Annexure-VI. He requested the delegates from various member countries to study these MOUs in detail so that work on the drafting of the MOU for BIMSTEC region can be undertaken. Thailand proposes to hold first meeting of the Task Force in the last week of February, 2006 or early March, 2006. Subsequently, meetings may be held in other Member Countries.
The meeting ended with a vote of thanks to the Chair.

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