Secretariat of BIMSTEC Energy Centre

The secretariat help to the Governing Board shall be provided by the Secretary, BIMSTEC Energy Centre (BEC). Secretary, BEC would be appointed by Governing Board for a period of five years through a Search Committee constituted by the Governing Board. Secretary, BEC , would function under the overall supervision of the Director General.

Functions of Secretary:


Prepare Agenda for meetings of the Governing Board and keep the minutes.


Consolidate the decisions and disseminate the same to the other specialized Wings of the BEC and to the Governments of the participating countries.


Assist the Governing Board to function in accordance with the rules framed for its functioning from time to time.


Assist the Governing Board in overall coordination of the specialized Wings of the Centre.


Undertake such other activities as may be required by the Governing Board to assist it in carrying out its responsibility under the relevant rules.


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