Report of BIMSTEC Senior Energy Officials' Meeting
3 rd October 2005, New Delhi
Opening of the Meeting

The First BIMSTEC Senior Energy Officials Meeting (SEnOM) was held in New Delhi, India on 3rd October 2005. Delegates from Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Myanmar, Nepal, Sri Lanka and Thailand attended the Meeting. The list of participants is at

Inauguration of the Meeting

The BIMSTEC SEnOM was inaugurated by Mr. R. V. Shahi, Secretary, Government of India, Ministry of Power. The text of the inaugural address is at Annex-II

Election of the Chairperson

The SEnOM elected the leader of the Indian delegation, Mr. R. V. Shahi, Secretary, Government of India as Chairperson of the First SEnOM.

Adoption of the Agenda

The Agenda, as adopted by the Meeting, is at Annex-III.

Business Arrangements

The Meeting took note of the schedules and business arrangements for the First SEnOM. The Programme of the First SEnOM is at Annex-IV.

Report of the Lead Country (Myanmar) on the Status of BIMSTEC Energy Sector Cooperation Programme

The Leader of the Myanmar Delegation, Mr. U. Soe Myint, Director General, Energy Planning Department, Ministry of Energy, Myanmar presented a Report on the Status of BIMSTEC Energy Sector Cooperation Programme to the Meeting. A copy of the Report is at Annex- V. Representative of Nepal requested that the data about their hydro power potential be updated. The Meeting thanked the Leader of the Myanmar Delegation for presenting a comprehensive report and for apprising the delegates about the current status of energy sector cooperation programme.

Consideration of the Draft Ministerial Declaration

The Meeting deliberated in detail on the Draft Ministerial Declaration. A copy of the Draft Ministerial Declaration recommended by the Meeting to the BIMSTEC Energy Ministers for consideration is at Annex-VI.

Consideration of the Plan of Action for Energy Cooperation

The Meeting deliberated in detail on the draft Plan of Action. A presentation was made by Thailand about the activities of the Task Force on BIMSTEC Trans Power Exchange and Development Project. A copy of the presentation is at Annex-VII. The Chair requested that all the member countries may communicate their nominations for the Task Force early, if not done already. Taking into view the Draft Ministerial Declaration, as finalised in Agenda No.VI above, the Meeting evolved the Plan of Action recommended by the Meeting is at Annex-VIII.

Any Other Business

It was agreed that India would coordinate various activities as envisaged in the Plan of Action.

Myanmar proposed that Thailand may host the second SEnOM. It was agreed unanimously. Thailand accepted and said that they would confirm the dates and venue by January 2006.

Consideration and Adoption of the Report`

The SEnOM adopted the Report of the First BIMSTEC SEnOM. The Meeting thanked the Govt. of India for hosting the meeting and. thanked the Chair for conducting the meeting.

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